Thanks for stopping by my little blog about knitting, reading, and cooking - 3 of my favorite things!!! I'm no expert on any of these, so input is not just welcomed, but encouraged! Now let's have a little fun!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

New Years Resolution

My poor little blog has really been severely neglected this year. However, with good reason!! In just a few short days, 17 days to be exact, I'll be moving my family to Perth Australia. It has been an absolutely crazy crazy year, but I've decided along with our move, I'll be MUCH more active on this blog. I've learned lots about knitting, thanks to all of my friends at the Denver Library, and have read lots of fabulous books. So stay tuned, and get ready for the ball to get rolling...and I mean it this time. I've got several knitted items to share, and while my yarn may be on it's way to Australia, I'll be knitting all the while!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Book Recommendation

Ok, so I've put this blog on the back burner a bit, but here I with my first book recommendation of the new year. Signora DaVinci by Robin Maxwell. For those of you who enjoyed The Girl with the Pearl Earring and The Other Boleyn Girl, here is just another fabulous historical fiction novel. I did find it to drag a bit towards the end, but I found the religious element to be slightly unnecessary. However, I find the time period deliciously intriguing and I think I'll be putting more of Robin Maxwell's books on my list!!!

If you've read it, I'd love to hear your feedback as my book club will be discussing it this weekend. Should be fun and I can't imagine anyone not liking it!!

Happy reading!!! And please feel free to send me any book recommendations!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Here we go!!!!

Ok, so I'm still a little new to this whole blogging thing, but thought - hey, what the heck. And there's nothing I love more than reading blogs about knitting, books and cooking to get ideas. So here I am adding to the mix of the other 3 million blogs out there about the same thing!!

My hope is to discuss my current knits and may throw out a few pleas for help as I'm a fairly new knitter (only about 1 1/2 years experience) but I LOVE trying new things. I'll post pictures of my projects and hopefully can inspire a few of you to join me in my love for this old, but wonderful hobby!!! I absolutely love that it's coming back in style to knit and love doing it.

I will also keep you posted on my current reads. I've been a little slow reading as of lately. Maybe it's my knitting or my two lovely toddlers who keep me so busy, so I'm hoping this blog will inspire me to read a little more and you to fill me in on all the good reads that are out there!!!!

Finally, I LOVE to cook. So I'm hoping to share a few of my favorite recipes and am always looking for kid friendly foods, as my little peanuts are not so in to food right now!!

I hope you'll enjoy this blog and please, ANY suggestions or help are always welcome!! Let's let the fun begin!!!!

Welcome to the Knit-Lit-Kitchen Witch!!!! (I'm not REALLY a witch I just liked the name!)