Thanks for stopping by my little blog about knitting, reading, and cooking - 3 of my favorite things!!! I'm no expert on any of these, so input is not just welcomed, but encouraged! Now let's have a little fun!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Here we go!!!!

Ok, so I'm still a little new to this whole blogging thing, but thought - hey, what the heck. And there's nothing I love more than reading blogs about knitting, books and cooking to get ideas. So here I am adding to the mix of the other 3 million blogs out there about the same thing!!

My hope is to discuss my current knits and may throw out a few pleas for help as I'm a fairly new knitter (only about 1 1/2 years experience) but I LOVE trying new things. I'll post pictures of my projects and hopefully can inspire a few of you to join me in my love for this old, but wonderful hobby!!! I absolutely love that it's coming back in style to knit and love doing it.

I will also keep you posted on my current reads. I've been a little slow reading as of lately. Maybe it's my knitting or my two lovely toddlers who keep me so busy, so I'm hoping this blog will inspire me to read a little more and you to fill me in on all the good reads that are out there!!!!

Finally, I LOVE to cook. So I'm hoping to share a few of my favorite recipes and am always looking for kid friendly foods, as my little peanuts are not so in to food right now!!

I hope you'll enjoy this blog and please, ANY suggestions or help are always welcome!! Let's let the fun begin!!!!

Welcome to the Knit-Lit-Kitchen Witch!!!! (I'm not REALLY a witch I just liked the name!)