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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Book Review: The Recipe Box by Sandra Lee

  A PERFECT addition for your cookbook collection!!

Ok, so maybe for your bookshelf, but this book does double duty as both a sweet novel AND with the added bonus of Ms. Lee's amazing recipes! 

Not only do I own most of Sandra Lee's cookbooks, and absolutely love her show, but now she can add accomplished author to her repertoire because this book is a keeper!! 

Grace Holm-DeAngelo is a workaholic, recently divorced, and most important, the mother to fourteen year old Emma.  She's just moved to Los Angeles to work on her newest adventure, a television vampire series "The Lost Ones."  She loves her work and often spends more of her time with her work family rather than her own distressed daughter who desperately needs her during this tremendous time of adjustment. 
As if there isn't enough turmoil in her life, she's just lost her best friend to cancer and is dealing with secrets from her past that have come back to haunt her. 
Reeling with almost every emotion, Grace returns to her hometown of New London, Wisconsin to figure out what to do with herself and what is best for her daughter.  Emma wants to be in Chicago, Grace wants to be back at work in Los Angeles, but Wisconsin seems to be the best for both of them.  Grace has found new love, and maybe a new relationship with her estranged mother; Emma is finally doing well in school; and Grace has renewed a love she once had for cooking.  But as a forty-something woman, should she stay where she is happy, or return to L.A. to begin the newest chapter in her life? 

Sandra Lee has written the sweetest, most delicious book I've read in quite some time.  I love books about starting over, and when you include recipes, well then, I'm sold.  I mean how can you go wrong?  Lovely story about friendship and family bonds, all mixed with Cinnamon Rolls and Blood Orange Sheet Cake!! 

For anyone who enjoys Foodie Fiction, this is a book for you.  In many ways it reminded me of The Ladybug series by Donna Ball, so if you've read those and enjoyed, this is a sure hit!

Thank you Hyperion and Net Galley for the ARC of this most fabulous fun read!!! 

Now, I'm off to go bake something!!  Happy Reading!!!