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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Book Review: Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald by Therese Anne Fowler

Oh Miss Zelda, what fun it would've been to be you!  At least as told by Therese Anne Fowler in her debut novel of Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald.  I must say this is a stunning debut about a woman few ever knew existed, but wow does she sound amazing.  I've always been intrigued with the 1920's and the era of the flapper, so I was positively over the moon to receive a copy of this to review!

Zelda was just another sweet Southern Belle, destined for a rather comfortable life of money from her own family, but she was having no part of what was supposed to be.  Zelda wanted to have fun.  She liked to drink and dance, and while out one night dancing with her friends, she met the Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald.  It was long before Gatsby and at the time he was just another soldier, but an intriguing one at that for Zelda.  She fell for him almost instantly, and although after he had left the war effort, being a writer was not a highly esteemed and barely recognized career.  She loved his flair for flash and parties, and while still a teenager, she Mrs. Zelda Fitzgerald. 

Now it was no easy task being the wife of a writer who'd yet to 'hit it big' but she loved Scott and his nomadic ways until it simply became too much.   The dresses, the parties, the famous friends, and the over the top living arrangements were great in the beginning.  But after years and years of enduring Scott's heavy drinking and less than ambitious work ethic, she decides to take matters and her life in her own hands. 

The novel explores Zelda's experiences, both good and bad, but all the while making for a very interesting read.  Fowler's amazing descriptions are so vivid and delicious you can truly feel yourself walking the streets of early New York and Paris, all the while making me wish I was there as well. I did find the writing a little long winded at times, but overall this is a wonderful book. 

I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoyed Loving Frank and/or The Paris Wife as well as those who enjoy a well written Historical Fiction novel. 

Thank you Net Galley and St. Martin's Press for the copy of this book. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Book Recommendation: Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson

  What a lovely book of sweet gifts!!!
Thank you Open Road Publishers and Net Galley for this most treasured book of beautiful gifts to knit.  As you know I've always got something going, and what is better than giving the gift of a handmade item.
I find that many pattern books often leave a lot to be desired, as they may only have a few things I'm interested in making.  However, this little beauty makes me want to go increase my yarn stash and get ready to go.  Everything in here is not only ideal for the perfect gift, but also makes the reader want to knit it.

This book has everything from 2 Hour Baby Booties and Scarves, to 8 Hour and over Blankets.  It is beautifully presented and I love how not only does it include little tid bits for the knitting novice, but also wonderful explanations and pictures for those who are more experienced knitters who may just need to something little different to finish or embellish the project.  The presentation is simple and beautiful and very well laid out.  I also love how she includes the knitted gift bag, as well as ideas for wrapping these hand made delights.  A perfect addition to any knitters library!  Ok, I'm off to knit!!